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I am a full-stack developer and UI/UX enthusiast.
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I'm a Web Developer

Passionate about Design and Function.

My goal is to create your online vision.

Generating ideas and achieving outreach potential.

What I Do

I’ve got everything you need to launch your online presence.

Web Design

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress

Web Development

  • Applications, both mobile and web-based
  • Streamline online presence
  • Custom forms
  • JavaScript/Vue.js
  • Interactive web services

Website Outline

  • Simple and effective
  • Collaborative
  • Enduring and evolving


  • Social Media
  • Mass Market
  • Direct & E-Mail Automation

Recent Works

I love what I do!
Check out some of my latest work

Malivumé Homepage

Website Design/Development

Taken from the ground up, this project started as a basic idea and developed into a fully operational website for all platforms.

Deployed Website

Catapult Zone

Website Design/Development & eCommerce

This dynamic platform is a hosting site for a wealth of knowledge and educational source. Integrating eCommerce and mobile responsive design fundamentals, the Catapult Zone is both functional and easy to use.

Deployed Website

Sophia Centre Press Portfolio

Website Design/Development, eCommerce Migration

This website was developed in collaboration with higher education professionals with specific needs in mind. With responsive elements, full accessibility and up-to-date SEO, this site maximizes the outreach of the press while minimizing ongoing maintenance.

Deployed Website

Boston Harbor Bookbindery

Website Design/Development

This website was developed as ground-up online presence and business establishment. With responsive elements and up-to-date SEO practices, this site brings 21st century practices to a timeless craft of traditional bookmaking.

Deployed Website

Book Search Application

JavaScript Web Development

This project makes use of the Google Books API and retrieves relevant data about any book in the world. It is meant for independant publishers, authors, and avid readers. While outside links are still needed for obtaining books the user searches for, this app showcases the beginning stages of app development.

Deployed App

Code Repository

Open Weather Application

Web Development

Using the Open Weather API recall, this application retrieves current worldwide data from weather stations in active use. Able to access any country, this application is both usable and effective.

Deployed App

Code Repository

Word Search Toolset

Web Design and Visual Enhancement

This website emphsizes the visual enhancement tools available in Web Design. The application itself is a word search and ryhming tool used to combine two or more words into usable phrases.

Deployed App

Code Repository

Interactive Browser Game

JavaScript Web Design/Development

This JavaScript Application is a basic web browser game that leverages the most current techniques in JS techniques. Key features are the visual appeal, memory caching and interactive model.

Deployed App

Code Repository

Meme Maker

JavaScript/DOM Manipulation - Web Design

This application is meant to be a fun tool for anyone looking to make a meme. Adding words to pre-loaded images, this JS App is meant to showcase DOM Manipulation with techniques of usability and interactivity.

Deployed App

Code Repository

Class Roster WebApp

JavaScript/DOM Manipulation - Web Design

This application is designed for making a web-based list, set up to resemble a class roster. Using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 allows for a simple yet effective layout.

Deployed App

Code Repository


I've been honored to partner with these clients.

Jeff's work revitalizing our Portfolio was invaluable and transformed our online portfolio. His expertise in SEO also took our website to a completely different level, helping it feel more professional and reflective of our business.

Dr. Nicholas Campion, Director of the Sophia Centre Press, Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities and the Performing Arts, and Associate Professor in Cosmology and Culture
Dr. Nicholas Campion Director of the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture

I came to Jeff with a basic idea for my website and he helped me develop my idea into something great! As an online platform for education, we needed a fully responsive site that is both accessible and effective. Jeff delivered above and beyond our highest expectations.

Dr. Jennifer Zahrt, Founder of Revelore Press and facilitator of astrological insight.

I'm not a digital person and spend more time in the wild than I do On a computer. Jeff was able to take my basic ideas and turn them into a fantastic website that is both attractive and easy-to-use.
Working with him was easy, fun, and collaborative.

Malivume is a South African Sangoma. Dressed in traditional red feathers and trained in rural Transkei.
Malivumé South African Traditional Healer

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